a four man anti poaching team is tasked with guarding the ol pejeta conservancy’s four remaining northern white rhinos. with only eight left, it is the world’s most endangered species. located in the laikipia district of kenya, ol pejeta conservancy is also the largest sanctuary for the black rhino. fewer than four thousand are estimated to remain. 

the rise in asia’s middle class has meant that demand for rhino horn has soared, with prices on the black market exceeding that of gold and cocaine. with an increase in poaching in ol pejeta, the anti poaching team now provides twenty four hour armed protection for the rhinos, and has developed a close relationship with the animals.

poachers will track rhinos from helicopters, darting them from above and then hacking off the horn and part of the face with a chainsaw. the animals are often left to suffer and die. the rhinos seen here were found wandering in unimaginable pain, but with timely veterinary supervision remarkably survived. the rhino in the left of the fourth picture, however, had a four week old calf who, without his mother, subsequently died of dehydration.

to protect the rhinos and deter poachers, veterinarians will remove much of the animal’s horn. the rhino are anesthetized, and suffer no trauma. the horn is not like an elephant’s tusk, and will grow back in a few years. 

2013 is on track to be the deadliest year yet for rhinos. two rhino are slaughtered for their tusks every day on average. photos by and text adapted from brent stirton’s “rhino wars”

my kind of guys. protect our animals or no one else will.

I would do that job at the drop of a hat.

We need more people like this! Truly caring. Poor babies!

Timeless - London Timelapse from MB Films on Vimeo.

Timeless – 2010-2011, 4mins 9seconds

This film is intended to capture the spirit and endless energy of London. We decided to shoot it in a mixture of Timelapse and slow motion. We started filming in October 2010 in Richmond upon Thames just on the western edge of the city, and then the ensuing journey took us all the way through the city and back again, ending up just a year later with a final sun rise shot in the Richmond area.

The brilliant but temporary music score is by Rael Jones. He’s currently working on music for the new BBC Sherlock Holmes series and he will be delivering a final score for my film in a month or so. I can’t wait to hear it, and I would like to thank him for all his hard work.

I’d like to thank everyone else involved too; particularly my camera assistants; David Mead, Dave Calub, Laurence Beck and Johana Castro. They helped me lug around equipment and of course they kept me company during the long hours of time lapse work. They braved not only windswept bridges, endless travelling, and brushes with local law enforcement, but also marauding gangs and drunken loons in the west end.

I can’t thank my wife Johana enough. I made her stand around for hours while she was two months pregnant, and I nearly ruined our anniversary by insisting on filming some time lapse footage at the Oxo tower restaurant half way through dinner, sorry.
Technical information:
Camera: Canon 7D
Lenses: 17 – 55mm f.28, 70 – 200mm f2.8
Edited in FCP
Graded in Magic bullet looks

I used various shutter angles and intervals to achieve the best effect for any particular shot. At night I mostly wanted that streaky look, so most of it is either 1 or 2 second exposures with the lens stopped down to around f5.6. During the day I would shoot people shots at 1 second intervals which seemed to give that impression of frantic energy, particularly on a long lens.

Hope you enjoy the film.
Ed Beck, MB Films

photography - Ed Beck
camera assistants - David Mead, Dave Calub, Laurence Beck and Johana Castro
editing – Ed Beck & David Mead
music – Rael Jones

EuroLapse from David Kosmos Smith on Vimeo.

The images used in this time lapse were taken in 2011 over the course of three summer months in Europe. My wife’s mother lives in Lithuania, just outside of the capital city Vilnius, so we decided to make it our homebase from the end of May through August while we traveled to various countries. Some of the places we had been to were new to us, others we had visited before. But all in all, it was an amazing summer and definitely an unforgettable part of our lives.

We split our summer up into four trips. Between each of these trips, we’d fly back to Vilnius and relax for a week or so before packing up and heading off again. Our first trip took us to London. We spent three nights there before catching a quick flight over to Amsterdam. We spent another three nights (which became our default) in Amsterdam and then took a train down to Paris. We originally planned on three nights in Paris, but after day two, we realized how much more we wanted to do and that we didn’t have enough time. So we extended our stay and ended up being there for six nights. I can’t recall why, but for some reason, we had to cut the trip short and head back to Vilnius after Paris.

Next on our list was Scandinavia (or at least part of it). Neither of us had been there before, so we were super pumped. We started with three nights in Stockholm, followed by three nights in Copenhagen, another three in Helsinki, and capped it off with a final three nights in Riga. We really wanted to go to Norway, but felt that it would require an entirely separate trip of its own, just to explore the fjords and all of the beautiful natural scenery. Stockholm was an amazing city and we both agreed that we could easily settle down there. Riga also blew us away and I feel like it’s one of the most underrated cities in all of Europe.

After another week or two back in Vilnius, we headed to the island of Crete for a week at an all-inclusive resort. We took a day trip to Santorini, which consisted of the most hellish eight-hour round trip boat ride ever, but that’s another story. Definitely want to get back to Santorini, but we’d have to go for at least a few nights to make it worth it. Such a beautiful island.

Back to Vilnius again for another week or so, and then we headed out to Italy. Our summer in Europe was ending soon, so we only had enough time to visit Cinque Terre for three nights, with one night in Milan on each end of that trip.

The summer of 2011 was surreal. We visited so many places, saw so much, ate so much, and it all happened so quickly. Thank you to my amazing wife for being my little assistant and for having the patience to stand around waiting for all of these time lapses to finish!

Cities visited:
Heraklion (Crete)
Fira (Santorini)
Cinque Terre

Here’s a scene-by-scene list of all the cities in order:

Shot with Nikon D7000 and Tokina 11-16mm
Edited in Adobe Premiere CS6

Photos from our summer in Europe can be seen at:

Along with some blog posts during our trip:

And photos of some of the most amazing dishes we’ve ever eaten:

Music: “Journey’s End” by Blackmill, from the Reach for Glory album. Used with permission.
Purchase on iTunes:
And visit/like their Facebook page:

Twitter: @davidkosmos twitter.com/davidkosmos

Chris Brown x Sean Kingston x Wiz Khalifa - “Beat It” (Behind The Scenes) from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes of the recording of “Beat It” with Chris Brown, Sean Kingston & Wiz Khalifa.

LePLUGG TRAILER from leplugg on Vimeo.

LePlugg is an online source that brings the BEING UNIQUE back as an added value. Music,Arts,Men’s’fashion,News,Design,Business,Hi-Tech and much more…LePLUGG

Han Kjobenhavn - SS13 from Han Kjobenhavn on Vimeo.

Creative idea: Han Kjøbenhavn & Casper Balslev
Director: Casper Balslev
Production Company: Spoiled Productions
Exe Producer: Thor Brammer Jacobsen
Producers: Kanya Rørbech & Kristina Karlsson
DOP: Rasmus Heise
Editor: Anders Albjerg
Sound Design: Kevin Koch
Gaffer: Andreas Kragh Jacobsen
1st AD: Joakim Haarder
Styling: Han Kjøbenhavn
Additional Styling: Stephanie Loa
Make-up & hair: Kiki W. Davidsen & Karen Louise Larsen
Production Design: Rasmus With
Directors Assistent: Lærke Herthoni
Assistent set dresser: Adrian Alkjær
Focus Puller: Thue Gaarde Finnich
Production Assistent: Tino Jacobsen
Production Assistent: Tine Knudsen
Still Photographer: Rasmus Weng Karlsen
Runner: Frederik Krups
Starring: Ioannis, Steen, Charles, Dennis, Lakisha, Marie Plum Hein, Frederikke
Music By The Psychedelic Cowboys “Time Between 6th & Drexel Or Ithream Gets The Last Laugh”
Voice over: Ithream
Additional Music: Kevin Koch
Grade and Post: Lasse Marcussen @CAMEO
Additional Thanks: Anders Jon Petersen, Thomas Gram Veyssiére, Cathrine Bjørn,